Italian Language Online Course (15 Sessions)

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This package features an online Italian language course of 15 60-minute long sessions.

Course topics:

Your language needs will define the main course topics. The goal of each session is to enhance your language (grammar and vocabulary) and skills (reading, listening, and oral production). Some simple and clear written or oral texts will introduce grammar and lexis topics. In this way, you can reflect on the language ‘by yourself’ and through the guidance of the tutor, and you will easily remember what you have learnt.


The lessons’ schedule will be decided together with the tutor at the beginning of the course, taking into account your work or school deadlines. You can learn following your natural pace. Each lesson is normally 60 minutes long, but it is also possible to agree on a different time limit. The tutor suggests a minimum of 1 lesson per week.


The course is fully online on Skype or Google Meet, and you can learn from the comfort of your home. You will only need a strong Internet connection, a webcam, and some earphones.
To help you achieve your language goals, the tutor will create a relaxed and friendly atmosphere, where you can feel at ease while asking for any clarification.

Course addressee:

The course is one-to-one and is for adults and young adults. It is suitable for any level, either you start learning from scratch or you already have an intermediate or advanced knowledge of Italian.


The material is adapted for online sessions and to your language level. The slides and other material are available for reviewing after each lesson, and the price already includes the material you will use in each session.


The total amount of the online Italian language course features the cost of 15 60-minute sessions. It includes the VAT and a € 2,00 duty stamp to issue the invoice after each payment.


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